About Chad

Chad is Lead Visioneer and Executive Team Leader at Crossroads Church in Fayetteville, NC.  Chad and his lovely wife Amanda started Crossroads from the ground up (with out the ground) in 2007.  In the fall of 2015 God is going to start "Crossroads North" (a new church in north Fayetteville) by using the Leadership of Chad and the deeply committed staff and team-mates of Crossroads.  In addition to serving at Crossroads, Chad also serves as a Coach, Consultant, and Communicator in various church, non profit, and business contexts .  Throughout the year you can find Chad leading and serving at various leadership events across the country.  Chad's newest pioneering endeavor involved developing out a a church planting process that mirrors the way a baby develops prior to birth.  "Church Birthing" is one of the things Chad is most excited about and currently has a number of church planters he is personally coaching and investing in through the church birthing process.  When Chad is not "on the clock" you can find him on a date with his wife, playing tackle football with his kids, up in a tree stand waiting for that trophy buck, teeing it up on the golf course, or watching sports in the garage with friends.