Over the course of his life Chad has found himself in positions of leadership and influence.  Whether it was choosing teams at sandlot football as an elementary student;  being a 3 sport captain in high school; or even selling drugs as a lost college student......Chad has always led in every environment.

Once Chad truly surrendered his life to be a part of Jesus' family Chad believed that also meant that he needed to surrender all of his resources to the cause of the family.....this included Chad's leadership gifts.

Chad and Amanda believe that the highest stakes of leadership are in the local church.  Meaning, there is more at stake (eternal significance) in the local church than any other environment on the face of the planet!  For a leader this is very exciting because every leader wants the ball in their hands during the fourth quarter.

Chad has entered into a season of life where now he sees his greatest contribution is leveraging his experience and expertise for others.  Chad sees himself as a Coach and loves to watch and empower individuals and team to gain clarity and breakthrough that can help them move forward in their unique vision and calling.

For Chad, his life call is "to coach leaders everywhere with the Gospel."

There are currently three professional "vehicles" Chad is driving to live out this leadership calling and coaching gifting.

  • Crossroads Church--Amanda and Chad moved to Fayetteville to be a part of God giving birth to this new church that started with just their family and has grown into a movement here in Fayetteville.  Chad serves as the Lead Pastor at Crossroads where his main responsibilities include Casting and Implementing Vision, Communicating, and Leading the Crossroads Executive Team.
  • Team Coaching--Chad makes space each year to take a few selective teams through a journey of leadership and culture development.  These teams range in the church world from significant established denominational churches (Greenville, SC First Pres) to new churches (Venture Church, Charlotte) that are exploring new ways of doing Church.  Other teams are existing businesses in the profit and non profit sector that are seeking to clarify their message and create leadership pipelines within their particular context.
  • Individual Coaching--Chad also walks with individuals to help empower their leadership and gain clarity about who they are and what they are called to do.  Chad uses a range of different leadership tools and processes depending upon what the situation and circumstance calls for.