Over the last 8 years Chad has had the privilege of starting, developing, and multiplying a church and non-profit from the "ground up" without the ground.  This journey brought with it many failures and many victories that have taught Chad some valuable lessons when it comes to starting, growing, and multiplying a church and/or organization. 

With each lesson Chad believes that the learning is not only for him specifically but a tool to be used to help others who find themselves in similar situations.  One of Chad's deep passions is to offer these experiences and lessons to other leaders through consultation that help them to further the organization that they are leading.

Chad firmly believes that he cannot take anyone somewhere that he has not been.  As a result Chad looks for those that can continue to invest in to his life in such a way that he is constantly moving through growth edges and thresh holds so that he continually has more to offer those he is investing in.


  • Chad currently serves as a coach, consultant, and communicator for 3dm in the eastern US. 
  • Chad leads weekly coaching huddles and "on site" Learning Communities (with other 3dm team members) during the fall and spring of the year as well as doing individual consults when necessary for leaders, churches, and organizations involved with and/or exploring 3dm.

church Birthing

Over the last 18 months Chad has developed a church planting process that mirror's the way a baby develops prior to birth.  This calling was birthed inside of Chad during a devotional time in the summer of 2013 and since that time it has developed in to viable and needed process for starting new churches.

The Church is the "body of Christ"; not the "plant of Christ"......hence, the proper process of beginning a new church is not one of "planting"; its "birthing."  Chad travels with the church planter and those supporting the new church through the complete process of conception, birth, and maturity.

For a detailed proposal please contact Chad for a free consultation call concerning the possibility of getting in to the next round of Conception Communities.

Existing Churches and Executive TEams

Chad offers different levels of Church consultancy based upon the needs of the church, leader, and/or organization involved.  Some of these options include but are not limited to:

  • 1 time consultancy day
  • Family Visioning Weekends and Customized Events
  • executive team consultancy (unique for particular organization)