Family on mission (fom)

Chad and Amanda are convinced that they are called as a family to a particular purpose and that all they do (work, school, play, etc) flows from this calling.  They now spend a large portion of their time helping other families to do the same thing and experience the fullness of life.  The key redefining is looking at family not through the lens of "nuclear" but instead to build an "extended family" (20-50 people made up of blood and non blood relationships) that is committed to sharing and doing life together.  Below is their family heartbeat (Values and Vision)

Values--Love; Celebration; Team-Work; Accountability; Honesty

Vision--Make Friends; Create Family; Release Disciples


See below for more details concerning specific roles in Chad's life (husband; father; discipler)


For Chad, being a husband is one of the foundational places of his life where he is constantly challenged to live selflessly by giving of his life to another.  As a very selfish man this is really hard to do...and it did not come natural at first.

Through the investment of other men who were living devoted lives as a husband Chad learned some simple, repeatable disciplines that help him to continue to lay down his life for Amanda and love her the way he promised to on their wedding day.

Below are a couple of those simple, repeatable disciplines.

  • Morning Coffee (most mornings Chad wakes up and brings a cup of coffee to Amanda to wake her up as a reminder to her that she comes first in his life and as a reminder to himself that one of his key roles as a husband is to serve her)
  • Date Night (Amanda and Chad have one designated time a week that is set aside to go on a date)
  • Weekly Review (Amanda and Chad review every Sunday night; they look backward and forward to make sure they are living in to their family heartbeat and making adjustments as necessary)


Chad love these kids!  Each of them are so unique and bring so much joy in to Chad's life.  As Amanda and Chad seek to build a Family on Mission these children not only help them but in many ways are teaching them what it means to be "family" to all of those they come in to contact with.

Below is a little information about each of them and what is currently going on in their lives.

Jordan (18)

  • It's hard to believe that I have an 18yr old.  Jordan introduced me to his mother when he was 5 (great here to read).  Since that time I've had the privilege of watching him mature in to a man.  Jordan has repeatedly given of himself for our family and he's committed to the mission. 
  • Whenever Jordan is not helping around the house and doing homework he is working on new artwork, practicing baseball, playing xbox, or working on his 1988 Camaro.

Cami (9)

  • Cami is our "firecracker"; much like her Father she is very driven and focused.  When Cami has an idea and is committed to it there isn't anyone or anything that is going to get in the way without a fight.  I love this quality about her although it does make for some stressful times when her ideas clash with our family values.
  • Cami loves to play softball and volleyball.  I look forward to watching her progress as an athlete.  She's currently involved in gymnastics.  When she is not being active Cami enjoys to read, draw, and create games for her and the 2 younger ones to play.

Lexi (6)

  • Lexi is our family comedian; she's hilarious.  When I try to imagine what Amanda was like as a child Lexi comes to mind.  She's quit witted, funny, charming, and always looking to have a "good time" and get a "laugh" even when it's not appropriate.  Lexi continually reminds me that life is to be lived to the fullest without regrets.
  • Lexi really enjoys gymnastics and dancing.  She played soccer this past fall and scored 2 goals!  Lexi is currently learning to read on her own and spends a lot of time practicing when she's not playing an "invented" game with her siblings or texting "Nana" on her kindle.

grayson (3)

  • Grayson is the baby of the family and he knows it.  I always thought my little brother got away with so much more than I did growing up because he was the baby but I did not know I understand completely.
  • Grayson loves anything with a "ball" much like myself as a boy.  One of the things I'm most excited about is watching him develop as an athlete and coaching him along the way.  Grayson is probably our family's most dedicated "pray-er"; anytime someone needs prayer he is always first to volunteer and ask the Father for our loved ones to be better.

disciple (spiritual father)

Amanda and Chad are convinced that to be a disciple (a follower of Jesus) is actually try to live the same kind of life that Jesus led and to focus on what Jesus focused on.  As we read the gospel story Chad and Amanda are compelled to see that Jesus was focused on building a "Family on Mission" by reproducing His life into others that could do the same thing with someone else.

For Chad and Amanda, their primary reason of existence is to invite others into a discipling relationship and reproduce their spiritual DNA in to the lives of others in such a way that they can then go and do the same thing with someone else.

Each year Chad and Amanda invite a group of people into a discipling relationship and invest in to them in an intentional way so that when they are ready they can go and do the same thing for someone else.